Important Industry News for Portable Power Station


Along with outdoor portable power station has gradually become an important necessary product in family life, the prospect of international market trend is getting better and better,so more and more suppliers can offer this portable power station in China at present.You might confused by different suppliers with different price policy.

The core different between our Futehua factory and majority suppliers is:

Most suppliers are private enterprises.While Futehua is professional battery manufacturer who are specializing in the production of emergency lights and emergency power supply series since the early years, also are military enterprise.Our CEO has been deeply engaged in battery industry for more than 30 years,is a member of China Fire and Lighting Professional Committee, the only one involved in the formulation of China fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system standard( power supply part) drafting, GB-17945 2000 version-2010 version-2020 version.

So Futehua engineer team use reliable spare parts to make sure real parameter output,

for all of our products, we serve our overseas clients with providing quality stability, real parameter data offer, and make strict quality control in accordance with industry standards and military enterprises. That’s why the charging time for your home appliances can be much longer time than others.


Hope we can achieve a strong alliance and win-win cooperation together!

Post time: Mar-28-2022