300W portable power station LiFePO4 battery

Short Description:

Application field: small and portable backup power supply, widely used as backup power supply for small ventilators outside during the epidemic, to prevent the power failure from affecting patients. Other applications: outdoor construction, outdoor tourism, outdoor survey, outdoor office, army drill, power detection, film and television shooting, fire emergency, outdoor communication, environmental monitoring, etc.;

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Technical Parameters

Portable Power Station 300W

Battery  LiFePO4 12.8V-18AH (230WH)
USB output USB 5V-3A/USB QC3.0 fast charge
DC output DC12V-3A(DC5.5-2.1 connector
LED light High-power 1W white light, three-speed flashlight lighting (100%, 50%, flashing)
Solar panel charging PV-18V-5A solar panel
 AC input AC100V-240V,50/60Hz
UPS Smart power outage switch,time<10ms

AC output

Rated Power:300W
Continuous power:300W
Overload protection:>300W
Output Voltage:AC220V/110V
Voltage waveform: pure sine wave
Output frequency:50Hz
 Management Status display: LCD liquid crystal display
Fault reminder: buzzer
Fan control: intelligent temperature control
 Work/Safe Working Temperature:-10C°~60C°
Storage Temperature:-30C°~70C°
Relative humidity:5%~95%,No condensation
 Package Product Size:252*132*165mm
Package size:332*182*220mm
Net weight:4.0KG



The characteristics of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery and Lithium Ion Battery Li(NiCoMn)

Features of lithium iron phosphate battery:

Lithium iron phosphate battery is a kind of using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the anode material and graphite as the negative cathode material . The nominal voltage of the single unit is 3.2V, and the charging cut-off voltage is 3.6V~3.65V.

The biggest advantages of lithium Iron Phosphate battery is high safety performance and longer cycle life. Under standard charging conditions,the usage life can reach more than 5-10 years, the cycle life can be more than 2000 times.The ignition point of lithium iron phosphate is higher, autoignition temperature is 600℃,so not easy to burn, not easy to explode.

Features of Lithium Ion Battery Li(NiCoMn):

Lithium Ion Battery Li(NiCoMn): it uses three transition metal oxides of nickel, cobalt and manganese as anode material, and graphite as the negative cathode material. The nominal voltage of the single unit is 3.7V, and the charging cut-off voltage is 4.2V~4.25V.

The biggest advantages of Lithium Ion Battery Li(NiCoMn) is higher energy density and higher voltage flat.The cycle life can be more than 800 times.The ignition point can be lower than Lithium iron phosphate battery.So easy to burn, easy to explode.

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Committed to becoming a global leader in battery solutions for artificial intelligence and energy storage applications, building a creative lithium battery company, and being an excellent management team.

Our Social responsibility:

Advocate green energy, create a beautiful environment, and make life full of sunshine.


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