3.2v 105AH prismatic lithium iron phosphate battery Cell

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Introduction about 3.2v 105AH LiFePO4

Lithium iron phosphate battery is a kind of using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the anode material and graphite as the negative cathode material . The nominal voltage of the single unit is 3.2V, and the charging cut-off voltage is 3.6V~3.65V.

The biggest advantages of lithium Iron Phosphate battery is high safety performance and longer cycle life. Under standard charging conditions,the usage life can reach more than 5-10 years, the cycle life can be more than 2000 times.The ignition point of lithium iron phosphate is higher, autoignition temperature is 600℃,so not easy to burn, not easy to explode.

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Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters



Exterior No breakage, scratch, deformation,

stain, electrolyte leakage, etc.

Size 54mm*173mm*113mm /
Rated current 0.5C 52.5A
Nominal capacity 105Ah Nominal charge and discharge
Nominal voltage 3.2V N/A
Weight 2170g±100g N/A
Maximum charging voltage 3.65V 0℃≤T≤55℃
Minimum discharge voltage


2.5V 0℃<T≤60℃
2.0V -20℃≤T≤0℃
Energy density


≥154Wh/kg Mass energy density
≥315Wh/L Volume energy density
Rated power 168W /
AC internal resistance <0.4mΩ New cell

Product details



The battery can be combined arbitrarily。They are applied for golf cart,electric vehicles ,forklift ,portable power station ,UPS,power supply,electric scooters ,marines ,boats ,etc.


Safety and Prohibition

Before use, the specifications should be read in detail.

*It is forbidden to invade the cell into water or other conductive liquids.

*It is forbidden to put the cell into the fire or expose them to the temperature outside the working        range for a long time. The temperature  of  the  cell  should  not  exceed  55℃.

* If  the  temperature  of  the  cell exceeds 55℃, the operation of the cell should be stopped.

*Connect the positive and negative poles of the cell strictly according to the label and instructions, and prohibit reverse charging.

*When the electrolyte leaks, skin and eyes should be avoided contact with the electrolyte. In case of contact, a large amount of  clean  water  should  be  used  to  clean  the  contact  area  and  seek  help from the doctor.

*It is forbidden for any person or animal to swallow any part or substance contained in the cell.

*Do your best to protect the cell from mechanical vibration, collision and pressure  impact,  otherwise the inner of the cell may be short-circuited, resulting in high temperature or fire.

*It is strictly forbidden to make the cell bear excessive mechanical impact.

*It is strictly forbidden to use cell with extrusion, drop, short circuit, leakage and other abnormal  problems.

*It is strictly forbidden that the outer shells of the cells contact directly  or  connect  together  through conductors to form a path in the course of use.

*The cell should be stored and used in places far away from static electricity.

*In the course of using, charging and discharging, or storage, it should be stopped immediately and handled accordingly when found that the cell changes rapidly in heat, emits odor, discoloration, deformation or other reactions.

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