2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Short Description:

1. The inverter power supply adopts SPWM technology controlled by MCU microprocessing,pure sine wave output, waveform is pure

2. Unique dynamic current loop control technology to ensure reliable inverter operation

3. Strong load adaptability and impact resistance

4. It has complete protection functions such as input overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheating, output short circuit, etc.

5. Sine wave inverter adopts LCD display mode, status at a glance.

6. stable performance, safe and reliable, long use time

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Technical Parameters

Model 300W 600W 1000W 1500W 2000W 2500W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
Output Power 300W 600W 1000W 1500W 2000W 2500W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
Display Mode LCD Display
Input Voltage 12V/24V/48V/60V/72Vdc 24V/48V/60V/72Vdc
Input Range 12Vdc(10-15),24Vdc(20-30),48Vdc(40-60),60Vdc(50-75),72Vdc(60-90)
Low voltage Protection 12V(10.0V±0.3),24V(20.0V±0.3),48V(40.0V±0.3),60V(50.0V±0.3),72V(60.0V±0.3) 12V(10.0V±0.3),24V(20.0V±0.3),48V(40.0V±1.0),60V(50.0V±1.0),72V(60.0V±1.0)
Overvoltage protection 12V(15.0V±0.3),24V(30.0V±0.3),48V(60.0V±0.3),60V(75.0V±0.3),72V(90.0V±0.3) 12V(15.0V±0.3),24V(30.0V±0.3),48V(60.0V±1.0),60V(75.0V±1.0),72V(90.0V±1.0)
Recovery voltage 12V(13.2V±0.3),24V(25.5V±0.3),48V(51.0V±0.3),60V(65.0V±0.3),72V(78.0V±0.3) 12V(13.0V±0.3),24V(25.0V±0.3),48V(51.0V±1.0),60V(65.0V±1.0),72V(78.0V±1.0)
Non-load current 0.35A 0.50A 0.60A 0.60A 0.70A 0.70A 1.00A 1.00A 0.80A 0.80A
Overload protection ≤130%
Output voltage 110V AC±10% or 220V AC±10%
Output frequency 50Hz±1Hz or 60Hz±1Hz
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Overheating protection 80°±5° Rated voltage
Total Harmonic Distortion ≤3% ≤3% 
Conversion Efficiency 90%
Cooling method Intelligent temperature controlled air cooling
Dimensions 183*110*60mm 228*173*76mm 300*173*76mm 360*173*76mm 400*242*88mm 420*242*88mm
Product weight 1.0kg 2.0kg 3.0kg 3.5kg 4.0kg 7.5kg 8.0kg 9.0kg 10.0kg



Company profile

Futehua is listed as a designated manufacturer of military products and has obtained the four military certificates. As a domestic battery company, the company participated in the drafting and related testing of national fire emergency lighting standards. The products are widely used in national projects, and more than 90% of fire emergency lighting uses Dickson batteries. The 12 main venues of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games that attracted worldwide attention, such as "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube", all used our batteries. The company has self-support import and export rights, and its products are exported to the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Currently, it occupies a certain share in the US and European markets. We strive to account for more than 50% of the global fire emergency lighting battery market within 3 years and become a full range of high-temperature lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride, and nickel-cadmium battery suppliers at home and abroad.

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Rich Experience in R&D and production more than 27 years!

Advanced production line!

OEM&ODM service!

High quality-No complaint!

Prompt on-time delivery! 

Competitive price!

Professional service!   

Our main products are lifepo4 batteries, ternary lithium batteries, lithium manganate batteries, nickel-hydrogen low-temperature batteries, and nickel Hydrogen high temperature battery, power battery.

We are committed to providing customers with safe, efficient, clean and low-carbon products and overall solutions.

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