1000W AS1000 Camping Power Supply Portable Power Station

Short Description:

1.Real-time display screen, easy to read (Electricity/power/remaining time)

2.Multi-protection,safe to use (PTC battery cell protection/overcharge/over-discharge/temperature/short circuit)

3.High efficiency inverter, pure sine wave (The inverter efficiency can be up-to 92%/pure sine wave output,won’t damage electrical appliances)

4.Multiple outputs、Wide compatibility(AC five hole socket/ Typc-C/USB/DC/cigarette lighter/car emergency start*)

5.Easy to carry, multiple usage

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Portable Outdoor Mobile Power Supply AS Series Product Specification

Model AS300 AS300-J AS500 AS600 AS600Pro AS1000 AS1000Pro AS15000
AC continuous output power 300W 600W 1000W 1500W
AC peak power 600W 1200W 2000W 3000W
AC output voltage/Frequency 220V/50Hz(Or)110V/60Hz
AC Output Waveform Pure Sinusoidal Wave
DC Output 10A constant voltage 12V Circular DC
12V Cigarette lighter
24V Cigarette lighter
USB USB2.0  5V2A
USB  QC3.0
Type-C(MAX 45W)
LED 3W * 1(lighting, SOS, Flash)
5W * 1(lighting, SOS, Flash)
Battery model 18650
Battery capacity 296Wh
(14.8V 20Ah)
(14.8V 18Ah)
(14.8V 33.5Ah)
(25.9V 25Ah)
(25.2V 41.6Ah)
(25.2V 41.6Ah)
(25.2V 59.8Ah)
(25.2V 59.8Ah)
Battery-type lithium-ion batteries
(supporting up to 3C discharge)
lithium-ion batteries
(supporting up to 10C discharge)
lithium-ion batteries
(supporting up to 3C discharge)
lithium-ion batteries
(supporting up to 5C discharge)
lithium-ion batteries
(supporting up to 5C discharge)
lithium-ion batteries
(supporting up to 3C discharge)
lithium-ion batteries
(supporting up to 3C discharge)
lithium-ion batteries
(supporting up to 3C discharge)
Charging Voltage and Current DC 18~30V 3.5A(MAX) DC 29.4~40V 15A(MAX)
Charging time 5 ~ 6H 6 ~ 8H 8 ~ 10H 6 ~ 8H 8 ~ 10H 8 ~ 10H 10 ~ 12H 10 ~ 12H
Protection Function PTC, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Low Voltage, Overtemperature, Overload, Overdischarge, Output Short Circuit Protection
Working Environment Temperature -10℃~+60℃
Product size L205*W105*H170(mm)  L360*W215*H300(mm)
Net weight of product ≥3.41Kg ≥3.2Kg ≥3.6Kg ≥7.5KG ≥9.5KG ≥10.5KG ≥12.2KG ≥12.8Kg
Expanded accessories
(Need to be purchased separately)
18V 120W
portable photovoltaic panels
36V 100W
portable photovoltaic panels
36V 200W
portable photovoltaic panels
car ignition clip and cable
Legend annotation ●Standard configuration  ○Optional purchase configuration   ╱No configuration
CAUTION: Do not cover the cooling hole, the total load power > the local power will trigger the shutdown protection, not suitable for the instantaneous starting power higher than the peak power of the electrical equipment, the equipment should be shut off when not in use, in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the equipment components.


Expanded accessories

AS300-J 1
AS300-J 2


portable power station3
portable power station--4
portable power station--5


portable power station---6
portable power station-7
portable power station--8
portable power station9

Complete Certificates

Which is able to satisfy most country's importing requirements

portable power station10


Q1: Are your products safe?

A:Our engineer team strictly control the entire production process in accordance with the military product level production.

①From raw material inspection, after dozens of inspections from chemical to PACK.

②Professional design BMS management system,

③Our product has multiple safety guard, designed as overvoltage, low voltage, overtemperature, overload, output short circuit protection,etc

Q2: What certifications do you have?

A:FCC,Rosh, CE,MSDS,UN38.3,PSE certificates can be offered,complete certificates can be able to satisfy most country's importing requirements.

Q3:Can your machines carry refrigerators, coffee makers, and electric kettles?

A:Please read the product manual carefully for details. As long as the noninductive load not over our rated load.

Q4:Can you supply OEM &ODM service ?

A:Yes, we offer OEM/ODM solutions for our customers.

①Customized logo and change color on product

②Customized battery pack inside

③Customized package or bag

Q5: How can we charge for this portable power station?

A: There are three ways to charge the portable power station: AC input charging, Solar charging and car charging.

While solar panels don’t be provided, if the customer needs, need to be purchased separately. Please refer to the product specification or operation manual for the matching solar panel of each product.

Q6:Can I order a sample to check the quality?

A:Yes, sample order is welcomed.

Q7: How do we place an order?

A: Please kindly send us an inquiry specifying the items, quantity or other specification to place an order.

Q8:How can we pay?

A:You can pay via T/T, Trade Assurance ,Western Union,etc

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